Fiction nightclub reopened

After being closed for two months, the doors of Fiction nightclub were reopened Thursday night with a brand new look.  
The new Fiction boasts a lounge called the Living Room which owner David Annakie says will further position the club as a premium facility.  
The relaunch will not affect the name of the club which is a powerful brand, recognised by college students and celebrities at home and abroad. 
Although still located in the Market Place, St. Andrew, the newly opened facility is located a few doors from the place with which persons have become familiar.
Annakie said it is three times as big as the old Fiction, which makes it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  
Annakie, in 2014, through his New York-based company Linkup Media Group, bought Fiction Nightclub from KLE Group, and poured roughly US$1 million into creating a new look for the entertainment spot.

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