House of Marley unveils sustainably made turntable

House of Marley, an eco-friendly electronics business founded on the principles of Bob Marley and operated by one of his sons, Rohan Marley, has been working to develop its latest product - a sustainably built turntable.
The Stir It Up turntable which was unveiled on Tuesday has a price tag of US$229, and is built with a bamboo base, as well as the House of Marley’s own Regrind recycled silicone rubber and the company’s Rewind fabric made from up-cycled hemp and plastic bottles.
Its manufacturing is much like the multitude of other products House of Marley has from headphones and speakers to watches - all of which are sustainably made.
In anticipation of the turntable’s release, a limited edition 7 inch vinyl set of Marley family recordings will also be made available as an exclusive giveaway.
The recordings will feature tracks from several Marley's including Bob, Ziggy, Stephen and Skip.
The Stir It Up turntable will be available for purchase at retailers across the United States on April 22.

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