No 'hard and fast' decisions can regulate social media - Broadcasting Commission

Cordel Green


The Broadcasting Commission says it, like other media regulators across the world, has been grappling with how content is being consumed in a digital environment and the significant technological changes taking place in the industry.
However, Cordel Green, Executive Director of the Commission, says there are no hard and fast decisions that can be made in regulating social media content as it is very difficult.
Speaking with RJR News on Monday morning, Mr. Green indicated that he would not comment on the policy statement made in the Senate on Friday by Information Minister Senator Ruel Reid. He said, however, that the Commission is open to discussions with the Government.
According to Mr. Green, an examination of the issue is underway and policy recommendations will come after significant consultations.

"This commission... must always be scanning the media landscape, looking around the corner and thinking about how to go about regulating media in an effective way," he declared.
Mr. Green said greater intelligence is needed in the approach to digital media. But he conceded that legislation may not be the appropriate way to go.

He suggested instead that perhaps greater emphasis should be placed on "making citizens more aware of the new landscape in which they are operating, the opportunities and the risks."

He concluded that there needs to be discussions to come up with a framework that is relevant for the changing media space.

On Friday, Senator Reid, in his statement, pointed out that children are being exposed to unregulated material and gangs are using social media to recruit members as well as glorify their actions.

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