R. Kelly music streams increase despite airing of incriminating documentary

The recent airing of Lifetime miniseries Surviving R. Kelly has stirred up a lot of controversy as numerous women share their allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of the R&B singer.
But rather than steer people away from R. Kelly's music, it appears that Surviving R. Kelly has had the opposite effect. 
A rep for Spotify says streaming of the singer's music has increased by 16 per cent since the first part of the three-part docu-series aired on Thursday.
The increase in listeners follows Spotify's earlier plans to ban R. Kelly from the streaming service back in May, plans that were quickly abandoned after backlash from fans who pointed out all the other artists who had been accused of sexual assault, whose music had not been banned.
Kelly's career has been marked by continual scandal due to allegations of sexual liaisons with underaged girls and claims he has entrapped women in a "sex cult".
A growing number of his peers have taken to social media to finally speak out against the singer using the hashtag #MuteRKelly.

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