TLC releasing fan-funded album this summer

R&B group TLC are finally set to release their fan-funded final album this summer.  
Their manager Bill Diggins announced the news Monday in a post on the album's Kickstarter page.
The album's official release date is tentatively scheduled for the end of June.
It has been two years since Tionne T-Boz Watkins, and Rozonda Chilli Thomas announced plans for a fifth and final album.  
The fan-fund campaign in 2015 surpassed its goal of $150,000 within the first week.  
Their fourth studio album, 3D, was released in November 2002 seven months after the death of member Lisa Left Eye Lopes.  
According to reports, the two-year delay was due to the fact that T-Boz & Chilli were inspired to make a record they could be proud of and would not settle for less because "art cannot be rushed."
TLC is one of the best selling American girl groups worldwide.

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