Tyler Perry supplies relief to the Bahamas

Tyler Perry is taking his philanthropic efforts to the Bahamas. 
Following the passage of the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian that devastated the islands, Perry is using his personal seaplane based in Nassau to fly relief supplies to the Abaco Islands.
His plane has already made two trips.
Perry is providing the Abaco residents with much-needed water, juice, sleeping bags, diapers, various hygiene products and other basic necessities. 
On the return trips he has brought back seven passengers, including small children, a pregnant woman and others who needed medical attention.
The disaster is also sparking generosity on social media as a "Pray for Bahamas" post at TMZ has gone viral, resulting in thousands of dollars in donations and supplies.
Rapper Ludacris recently donated $100,000 to help those in need. 

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