29 million Facebook users affected by security breach

Facebook on Friday said attackers stole names and contact details of 29 million users in the mass security breach disclosed by the social media network late last month.
The breach, which is Facebook's worst ever, has exacerbated concerns among users, lawmakers and investors that the company is not doing enough to safeguard data, particularly in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
Still, hackers neither accessed personal messages nor financial data and did not use Facebook logins to access other websites, all of which would have been a cause for greater concern.
Facebook originally had said in late September hackers stole digital login codes to take over nearly 50 million user accounts.
The company revealed that stolen data on 14 million users included birth dates, employers, education and lists of friends. 
For 15 million users, it was restricted to just name and contact details.

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