Aggressive tax collection plan for St. Catherine

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has unveiled an aggressive collection programme targeting more than 100 delinquent taxpayers in St. Catherine.

Earlier this month, TAJ's Special Enforcement Team began recovery activities in the parish.

The operation, dubbed “Old Capital,” is targeting 133 delinquent taxpayers who have failed to settle outstanding taxes despite efforts by the authorities.

The operation is being conducted in two phases.

The first phase entailed members of the Special Enforcement Team or local Tax Offices contacting the delinquent taxpayers.

They have until February 17 to make full payment or pay down a significant portion of the outstanding amounts with a commitment to settle the balance shortly.

Those who fail to comply will face strong enforcement action, beginning February 20 in the second phase of the operation.

The Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) will provide support to the Special Enforcement Team to arrest delinquent taxpayers for whom bench warrants and warrants of disobedience have been issued.     

Additionally, Tax Administration Jamaica will also exercise options under the law, to issue Garnishment Notices, Seizure of Assets, or where applicable, register a lien on properties to recover outstanding sums.      

TAJ says similar operations will be conducted in other parishes in coming weeks, as it continues to carry out enforcement activities.


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