BNS unionised employees reject wage offer

Unionised employees of  Bank of  Nova Scotia  (BNS) have rejected a 3.5 percent wage offer that has been described by the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) has described it as insulting.
"We have rejected the proposal against the background that it does not seek to restore the purchasing power of our members. It is not aligned to the value of jobs. We feel that what the bank is offering, is an insult to the workers against the background that this business continues to make super profit and what is being demonstrated by their proposal is not in keeping with equity," said BITU President General, Kavan Gayle.
Meanwhile, the BITU has raised another concern about the work load being placed on the workers.
"We are concerned about the work life balance because many of our members have had to work excessively long hours to meet the demands of the business. We are also advocating for further training and development of the workers in a changing work environment," Gayle said. 
The union represents 1,000 BNS employees.

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