Caribbean Airlines records decline in Guyanese passengers

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has recorded a 10 per cent decline in Guyanese passengers.
According to a report from the Cheddi Jagan Airport, Guyanese passengers are choosing other airlines over CAL and avoiding transiting through Trinidad and Tobago.  
The report said figures for Caribbean Airlines' competitors have soared.  
It revealed there was a 97 per cent increase in flights via Copa Airways from Guyana to Panama, while the Guyanese-owned Fly Jamaica Airways also saw an increase of 79 per cent.  
Suriname Airways saw a 65 per cent increase, while Dynamic saw its passenger load go up by 23 per cent and Insel Air saw a 16 per cent rise in the passenger load from Guyana.  
In June last year, Guyanese passengers complained that they were not being allowed to check in duty-free purchases of  alcohol when transiting through Trinidad and Tobago resulting in them having to destroy the items. 
Additionally, the airline only allows passengers one checked bag at no cost, while many other airlines flying into Guyana allow for two checked bags weighing up to 50 pounds each, free of  charge, and a carry-on with a weight allowance of  up to 20 pounds.  
CAL said it was merely following US civil aviation rules.  

The airline has since introduced a system allowing passengers to make their duty-free purchases and then go to a secured part of  the airport to place it into their checked bags.

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