Caribbean produces 418,000 tonnes of sugar for 2016-2017

Caribbean countries including Jamaica produced an estimated 418,000 tonnes of sugar for 2016-17.
According to a statement from the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, this surpassed the projected figure of  406,000 tonnes.

The SAC, which groups the Sugar Manufacturing Corporation of Jamaica, Barbados Agricultural Management Company and the Belize Sugar Industries said the production figures demonstrate the region's capacity to supply the regional market.

The Sugar Association said this also supports the argument for tariffs to be applied to imported sweeteners.
At its 167th annual board meeting in Belize earlier this month, the SAC said the directors reaffirmed their plans to continue to supply the needs of the regional sugar market for both brown and white sugar.
SAC said it has noted that all other regional markets preserve their sugar industries through application of an import tariff, which permits their industries to be competitive.
Meanwhile, at the recent meeting of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, the board of directors also discussed the effect that the removal of domestic production quotas in the European sugar market as of October 1 will have on prices.
They said surplus EU sugar from the last crop has resulted in a fall in prices and this has impacted regional producers, as current prices are not remunerative.
The SAC Directors said this has the potential to close factories and result in negative socio-economic consequences.

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