Davis Whyte expected more in 2019/2020 budget

As debate on the Government's $803 billion  budget continues in the House of  Representatives, a trade unionist says public sector workers are not likely to benefit much from the Government's spend in the 2019/2020 fiscal year.
Head of  the Jamaica Confederation of  Trade Union Helene Davis Whyte, says she was expecting more benefits in the recently tabled Budget.
"From the point of view of public sector workers in particular who have been undergoing these periods of sacrifice. One had hoped that we would begin to see the government taking into account those things that directly affect workers - the ordinary man in the street."
She also said that  the 2019/2020 budget does not provide hope for much changes in the economy during the new financial year.
"In fact one of the areas of concern for us  - is economic growth and for many of us, we brought into the notion, that if you grew the pie - then you would have more to get," she said. 

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