Government to sign concession agreement for NMIA

A concession agreement is to be signed this week for the operations of  the Norman Manley International Airport.
It will be signed between the Government and the Mexican firm, Grupo Aeroportuario del PacÌfico (GAP),, which was selected last month by the  Development Bank of  Jamaica to manage the airport under a public-private partnership.
The Prime Minister and the Minister of  Transport will sign the 25 year concession agreement with GAP on Thursday.
The Mexican firm already has 74.5 per cent control of  the Sangster International Airport through consortium MBJ Airports in partnership with Vantage Group of  Canada.
During the concession period, GAP will be responsible for operating Norman Manley International and improving the efficiency of  both landside and airside operations.
It will also finance and complete the planned modernisation and expansion as well as maintain and upgrade the airport's facilities.

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