GraceKennedy gets positive feedback on prospect of locally produced corned beef

GraceKennedy has reportedly been receiving positive feedback as it continues to explore the possibility of processing corned beef  in Jamaica. 

In April, GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby, challenged Grace Foods to revisit the possibility of  a locally made corned beef  in response to a disruption in supplies caused by a ban by the Government on imports of  meat products from Brazil.

GraceKennedy has now reported that recent feedback from the project team exploring the feasibility of this proposal shows promising signs.

Mr. Wehby says prototypes have been developed and there are signs that it will be possible to manufacture a corned beef product at the company's meat factory in Westmoreland.

While the project team has found that the capability exists within GraceKennedy and its supply chain to produce corned beef in Jamaica, it will take some time to arrive at a marketable product.

The main challenges to the feasibility of the product are consistent supply of beef locally, as well as production costs.

Mr. Wehby says the pricing structure is also being looked at to make the product affordable to consumers. 

He says growth in beef cattle rearing could help assure a supply of beef  for a range of  new locally manufactured products.

While conceding that the local cattle stock is not very extensive, he has asserted that the company cannot write off  the idea of manufacturing beef  products.

He says GraceKennedy has to be forward thinking and consider the spin offs that are possible from increased cattle stock and a more developed cattle industry.





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