GraceKennedy to set up agro park in St. Elizabeth

GraceKennedy Limited is taking a more direct interest in farming under a new partnership with the Jamaican Government to supply its St. Elizabeth factory.
The company is a large buyer of agricultural crops as inputs for its food manufacturing operations.
Previously, the conglomerate provided technical support to farmers in its supply chain. 
Now, it will be more involved as an agro park investor, utilising lands leased in the parish.
Group CEO Don Wehby told the Financial Gleaner earier this week that Grace Agro-Processors, a division of GK Foods & Services Limited, is partnering with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) to establish the agro park on 110 acres at Ridge Pen in proximity to its processing plant in the neighbouring district of Hounslow.
The company expects planting of crops to begin in November of this year and for reaping to begin in May 2019.

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