GSS loan agreement to advance Jamaica’s role in digital global economy

President of JAMPRO Diane Edwards has declared that the execution of the Global Services Skills (GSS) loan agreement will be a major step towards advancing Jamaica's role in the digital global economy. 
Edwards says the project aims to promote the growth of Global Services in Jamaica through the training and boosting of  the country's ability to export services and will propel the island to join economically developed countries that have welcomed the 4th Industrial Revolution. 
She says, driverless cars, smart home appliances, telemedicine and robotic process automation are all a reality in developed countries and Jamaica must play more than catch up.
She says Jamaica must equip its workforce to take the leap into the future, to ride the wave rather than be swallowed by it. 
The GSS Loan Agreement is a five-year project.
It will be executed by various stakeholders including JAMPRO, the Heart Trust NTA and the Business Process Industry Association of  Jamaica.
The loan agreement is for US$15 million.

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