Jamaica to strengthen ties with Kenya

President of  Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta has held talks with Prime Minister Andrew Holness at the sidelines of  the G7 Summit in Canada where the leaders agreed to get tangible bilateral relations moving between the two countries.
The two explored how to leverage on quick wins such as codeshare for airlines with Kenya Airways due to start non-stop flights from Nairobi to New York in October easing flight connections to Kingston, Jamaica, which is three hours from New York.
On boosting trade between the two countries, President Kenyatta and Prime Minister Holness agreed that Kenya could export its tea and coffee to Jamaica and in turn import peanuts from the island.
President Kenyatta also pledged t to work with Jamaica in ensuring the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of  States speaks with one voice and is not splintered along continent lines.
Exchange of  athletics coaches also featured at the talks between President Kenyatta and Prime Minister Holness. 
The leaders also discussed culture and entertainment as a bedrock for promoting tourism in the two countries. 

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