Local lettuce is safe for consumption

The Ministry of  Agriculture and Fisheries is advising consumers that there is no E.coli contaminant reported on lettuce of  any type produced in Jamaica.
The Ministry says the ban placed on the importation of  romaine lettuce from the United States was to protect local consumers and suppliers.
Local lettuce growers are reporting that they are unable to sell to the usual markets including supermarkets, hotel chains due to fears that local lettuce might also be contaminated.
The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), says there have been no reports of  E.coli contamination on locally produced lettuce. 
The Ministry says RADA is knowledgeable of  the conditions under which lettuce is produced and can facilitate traceability from the field.
Assurance is also being given that there is sufficient supply of  lettuce to meet local demand during the upcoming festive season.
The Ministry is therefore appealing to hotels, supermarkets and general consumers to continue to purchase locally produced lettuce as it is safe for consumption.

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