Local printers "quite capable" of producing labels

Local printeries are refuting the claim that they do not have the ability to produce labels in the quantity and quality Jamaican manufacturers require.

The claim was made by Vice President of  the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, JMEA, Stephen Dawkins.

However, Managing Director of  Lithographic Printers, Sean Duquesnay said it’s “disheartening” that the JMEA is for the “pro-importation” of labels.

“There are printers in Jamaica that a capable of very high quality labels and we just invested half a million dollars to produce the latest labels. We will take the challenge that our quality is equal to anywhere in the world,” said Duquesnay, who was supported by his competitor at the Herald Printers.


“We can get it to Montego Bay, we can get it to Oco Rios at anytime. It is very sad that they have that view, they probably should have called us to see if we could produce what they are looking for . We are here, we are more than willing to have discussions about what we can do ….” The Marketing and Business Development Manager doe Herald Printers, Keena Williams.                                        

Meanwhile, Deputy President of  the JMEA, Richard Pandohie, says although some manufacturers print labels abroad, a reasonable portion of the business is done locally.

He also said that investments are coming in to improve and upgrade the local printing industry.

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