"Not enough local companies to print labels" - JMEA

Jamaican manufacturers are complaining that there are not enough local companies who can print their labels at the quality and quantity they require.

Consequently, they are being forced to print their labels overseas, which they claim is cheaper.

“Label developments can be done locally as well as overseas, of course we would have preferred it to be done locally. But usually for economies of scale, it’s easier to do it overseas, because it is local, cheaper, quicker and the quality is usually sometimes better,” said  Vice president of  the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) Stephen Dawkins.

However, he says local printeries are usually the preferred option.

“The ideal situation is to have company’s or manufacturers fully integrated in where you have all lines of your production fully integrated into the company. This includes labels and so on. But it is such a specialization, it is very difficult that very few companies do this in Jamaica. We have companies that do it, but for larger companies they tend to go overseas for their labels.”


He admitted that he's not sure how much money is spent printing labels overseas but added that in some instances manufacturers who go overseas get more value for money.

“It’s very difficult to say how much money … but we have to go to markets where  labels are more cost effective ,” he said. 


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