Nutraceuticals will not generate much wealth for Jamaica - says organisation

Scarce Commodity - an organisation dedicated to exploring the economic benefits of a regional ganja industry, says pursuing nutraceuticals alone from ganja, will not generate much wealth for the country.

Dr. K'adamawe Knife, Coordinator for Enterprise Development and Strategic Planning at Scarce Commodity, says more money can be made by extracting certain active ingredients in ganja and putting them in functional foods.

Meanwhile, there are plans to list at least three companies dealing in ganja products on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Dr. Andre Haughton, Coordinator for International Finance at Scarce Commodity, says he is working with the Jamaica Stock Exchange to develop a nano stock exchange.

He said the ganja companies will be listed through that nano stock exchange.

The nano stock exchange which is scheduled to be launched later this year, will allow consumers to purchase stocks and bonds using a mobile device




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