Progress in talks with BNS concerning job cuts

Kavan Gayle, President-General, BITU
Progress has reportedly been made in talks to  address concerns about a plan by Bank of  Nova Scotia (BNS) to cut nearly 100 jobs.
The meetings have involved the bank's management and representatives of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU).
The union's President General, Senator Kavan Gayle, says consultations with BNS will continue on Wednesday.
"There has been the exchange of certain pertinent information that would help to mitigate the changes and treat with the transition. Coming out of this you would have had some workers that have said that they don't want to continue. We are trying to sort out how they can transition.....we are continuing those discussions this morning with the bank and we hope we can make further progress."
He also said  other unionised workers at BNS are concerned that wage negotiations have not yet started.
"Wage negotiations should have started since November of last year. We had submitted wage claims. It was brought to our attention sometime last week, that the senior management have extended adjustments or increases to the terms and conditions of their employment while our negotiations have not started. I am sure you would appreciate the extent to which that has created some anxiety," Gayle said.

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