UCASE President says Petrojam workers and public should have access to shares

A call is being made for workers at Petrojam and members of  the public to be allowed to acquire shares in the oil refinery.

The suggestion has come from the Union of  Clerical, Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE) which represents workers at Petrojam.

Despite expressing opposition to the Government's plan to acquire Venezuela's 49 percent shareholding in Petrojam the union says if  the Government has no other option but to go that route consideration should be given to workers and small investors purchasing some of  the shares.

 “If we finally decide to dispose of the shares, then there should be an allocation to the workers. Indeed, I would want to suggest that an issue be processed, so that the Jamaican public can participate in the ownership of the company…” said UCASE President Vincent Morrison.He also had another word of  caution regarding the sale of  the 49 percent stake in Petrojam.

“But I do hope that the rush coming from the government to dispose from the Venezuelan interest - that tey are not going to sell it to any other group. I heard that the Chinese had an interest sometime ago,” Morrison said.


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