US Better Business Bureau calls for stronger law enforcement efforts in Jamaica

A new report by the US Better Business Bureau says sweepstakes, lottery and prize schemes continue to devastate victims financially and emotionally. 
The report recommends stronger law enforcement efforts on three fronts — in Jamaica, which has seen an upswing in violence related to lottery fraud profits; in the U.S where law enforcement is urged to step up extraditions and prosecutions of  overseas fraudsters operating in the country; and globally, as law enforcement agencies worldwide are encouraged to take steps toward holding deceptive mailing organizations accountable and stopping fraudulent mail. 
The report also points out that Jamaica is a major source of  calls to victims who are told they have won money. 
Although it also notes that similar calls come from Costa Rica, the scam has had a major impact in Jamaica, where the amount of  money generated by lottery fraud has resulted in gang wars between rival fraud groups, leading to a dramatic spike in violence. 
More than 95 per cent of  reported fraud in Jamaica involves lottery or sweepstakes scams.

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