Used car dealers want answers on motor vehicle pre-shipment inspection programme

Used car dealers want answers from the Government on who will foot the cost of  implementing the motor vehicle pre-shipment inspection programme that is slated to come on stream on July 1.
The Jamaica Use Car Dealers Association says it is in the dark on the plans.
President of  the Association, Lynvale Hamilton, told the Financial Report that the group has several questions that it wants answered before the programme is introduced.
"Its not that we have a problem with the pre inspection in itself but with the new motor vehicle import policy and what we have been seeing in recent times .......we cannot support such a move when the government dictates what year the car is , coming from Japan and then we in turn must indemnify them in terms of model year discrepancy."
He also said that used car dealers have other issues regarding the proposed programme.
"And if it is that there is model year discrepancy, who will be responsible? We are well aware that the Minister, under the Trade Act has the power to determine the age of the car - that's the law and no dealer has the power to determine the age of the car ...." he said.
Commerce Minister Karl Samuda announced the motor-vehicle pre-shipment inspection programme during his Sectoral Debate presentation last week.
He said it will provide a transparent motor-vehicle importation policy that will address discrepancies that have affected car buyers as it relates to the model year of  vehicles and the tampering of  odometers.      

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