WINDALCO Ewarton Works workers protest over scale

More than 100 truckers contracted to West Indies Alumina Company’s (WINDALCO's) Ewarton Works plant in St. Catherine walked off the job Friday morning to protest against the absence of a scale.

The haulage contractors are employed to LC Bennett Company, which draws bauxite from the Schwallenburg mines to the plant.

Vincent Morrison, President of the National Workers Union told RJR News that the truckers have been complaining for more than seven months that the absence of the scale has caused them to lose up to 25 tonnes of haulage weight.

He said the union will be meeting with the company in a bid to settle the dispute.

"They have indicated that all their efforts to get the company to put in a proper scale to weigh the bauxite that they draw have failed and as such, they stopped working this morning," Mr. Morrison said.


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