8 year old rape victim not dead, says Bartlett

Member of Parliament for East Central St. James the Jamaica Labour Party's Edmund Bartlett is moving to quell persistent rumours that the eight year-old girl who was the victim of a horrific rape has died.

The multiple rape attack occurred in Irwin, one of the communities of  which is Mr. Bartlett is the political representative.

In fact, Mr. Bartlett says nothing could be further from the truth.

He  has issued an appeal to the public to desist from spreading what he describes as untrue stories about the victims of the attack.

Social media sites and the popular  black berry messenger platform has been swamped with various stories about the death of the eight-year-old child as well as the state of the victims.

Mr.  Bartlett says  the public must allow the police to do their work.

Mr. Bartlett described the act as tragic and painful, and has offered offer support to the family.

In the meantime financial support has been pledged to assist with the efforts to locate the perpetrators of the rape attack.

Crime Stop has offered a reward of one million dollars for information leading to the arrest and charge of the suspects  responsible for the rape of the girls and women in Irwin Point, St. James.

The police are reporting that they're still receiving medical treatment and counseling.

The police also say they're continuing the search for those involved in the attack. 

A police source also confirmed a short while ago that the picture of the headless body of a man also circulating on social media websites is not that of a suspect in the recent rape attack.

Its understood that the photo is the victim of a motorcycle crash.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Crime Stop at 311.                                                   


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