Additional staff and infrastructure in place for traffic ticket amnesty

The government has given more information on the efforts it will be making to assist the public during its traffic ticket amnesty, before strong enforcement under the new Road Traffic Act.

State Minister in the National Security Ministry, Senator Pearnel Charles Junior, explains that the measures include additional staff  and infrastructure.

The Senate yesterday passed the Road Traffic (Temporary Ticket Amnesty) Act without amendments.

The amnesty will begin on August 2 and end October 31, and Senator Charles expects that there will be a significant response from delinquent motorists who owe more than two billion dollars in outstanding tickets.

He states that lessons were learnt from the previous amnesty and new measures will be implemented.

“We weren’t ready to deal with those issues. So the Ministry of National Security has invested J$23 million into putting the measures in place to properly manage the collection of these funds. We are going to be conducting briefings with key stake holders to ensure that as much as possible, motorists are made aware of the amnesty,” said Charles during an interview on Beyond The Headlines.    

Persons with outstanding traffic tickets for the period September 1, 2010 to July 31 this year will benefit.

The amnesty is in preparation for the tabling of  the amended Road Traffic Act by the end of  this month.    


A warning has been issued to motorists about serious sanctions if they do not take advantage of  the traffic ticket amnesty, based on the new Road Traffic Act soon to take effect.

“We hope as many persons as possible will take advantage, because when the new Act comes into place, it will be a zero tolerance act. It will be a more rigourous Act. It’s to the benefit of motorists to now take advantage of this process (the amnesty),” said Charles.


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