Agriculture Minister vows to stamp out illegal importation of some products

Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw has vowed to stamp out the illegal importation of  sugar, coffee and other commodities.
According to him, this has become necessary in the wake of  a scam involving the importation of  refined sugar.
According to  Shaw, there is a stockpile of  32,000 tonnes of  locally manufactured sugar which has not been sold due to stiff competition from illegally imported white sugar. 
He revealed that some of  the imported sugar was coloured with molasses to give it the appearance of  brown sugar.
Shaw said this has to stop and action must be taken to protect the local sugar industry.
The Sugar Industry Authority in an advisory issued last month reminded the public that it is against the law to import raw brown sugar or export brown sugar without first obtaining a licence from it.
In keeping with new regulations, brown and refined sugar for direct consumption should only be sold in heat-sealed packages or pre-packed by re-packers registered by the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority.

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