Air traffic controllers warn of strong actions if wage concerns not addressed

Trouble is brewing in Jamaica's aviation industry as air traffic controllers have signalled that there could be industrial action in coming days to protest against the Government's failure to address their outstanding wage claim.

The Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association (JATCA), which earlier this week complained that it had not received a promised response from the Ministry of Finance, is warning that strong action is likely by next week.

This has implications for flight operations in Jamaica's air space.

According to Kurt Solomon, JATCA’s president, the Government is not taking its members' concerns seriously.

He told RJR News on Tuesday that the members are extremely restive as it is now a year since the wage claim was submitted.

Mr. Solomon outlined what will be the group's next move if there is no response from the Government by Thursday.

“We are very serious about the situation, that at least come within the next week there could be very strong action taken by the association, because at this point, having looked at the situation, we don’t believe that we are being taken as seriously as the situation warrants,” said Mr. Solomon.

The group comprises 95 per cent of the country's 100 air traffic controllers.

JATCA did not participate in the recent signing of a three-year deal with the Government for wage restraint stating that its members would be disadvantaged.

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