Alleged Clansman gang member released due to lack of evidence

An alleged top tier member of the Spanish Town based Clansman gang was released Friday afternoon after prosecutors conceded they did not have enough evidence to pursue a case against him.
Sackone Haynes was ordered released when he and six other members of the gang, including its leader, Andre Blackman Bryan, appeared before the Home Circuit Court.
Mr. Bryan and the other accused, including his mother and girlfriend, were remanded until October 4.
The attorneys for the two women gave notice that they will be applying for bail at the next hearing.
Mr. Bryan's mother, Millicent Brown, is said to be ill.
The defendants have been charged under the anti-gang legislation.
They are to stand trial on charges of being members of a criminal organisation linked to murders, shootings as well as extortion in Spanish Town.
More than 50 members of the Clansman gang have been charged under the anti-gang legislation in the last three years.

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