Ancillary workers livid as no redundancy pay out

Hundreds of former ancillary and janitorial workers who were attached to public hospitals in the Corporate Area are upset this Friday morning.

The nearly 400 individuals, who were employed to Lamassa Janitorial and Porter Services, are livid after outstanding payments which the company had promised to disburse Thursday did not materialize.

The workers lost their jobs after Lamassa's contract to provide services to the hospitals expired on Monday.

According to the National Workers' Union, NWU, when the former employees showed up at Lamassa's Beechwood Avenue offices they were left disappointed.

NWU President, Vincent Morrison, is warning that the displaced workers are not willing to wait much longer to be paid:

“The management knew that they would not have the contract after the 17th of December, and they made absolutely no preparations to pay the workers what are outstanding. I don’t think this is justice; I don’t this this is fair to the employees, and the NWU  will take the necessary steps to ensure that the workers are properly paid.”  

He says another meeting is scheduled for Monday at the Ministry of  Labour and if  there is no response from Lamassa action will be taken.

Mr. Morrison declined to state the action being contemplated.

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