Andre Haughton to be appointed to the Senate, Damion Crawford returns

Economist Dr. Andre Haughton will be appointed to the opposition benches in the Senate, taking the place of Senator Noel Sloley who is retiring from the Upper House.

Damion Crawford, the losing candidate for the People's National Party (PNP)  in the April 4 Portland Eastern by-election, will also be reappointed to the Senate. He had given up his Senate position just ahead of that election in which he was seeking a seat in the House of Representatives but lost to Ann-Marie Vaz of the governing Jamaica Labour Party.

The imminent Senate appointments were announced at Sunday's meeting of the National Executive Council of the PNP.

Andre Haughton, a newcomer to national politics, was recently selected to contest the next parliamentary election on the PNP's ticket for the constituency of St. James West Central. That seat is currently held by Marlene Malahoo Forte, a first-time MP and the current Attorney-General.

Noel Slolely whom he will replace in the Senate, in the meantime, has been in the Upper House for two decades. Like Dr. Haughton, he's from St. James, and gave western Jamaica an opposition presence in that chamber.

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