Another chance for Symbiote Investments

RJR News understands that telecommunications company Symbiote Investments, which trades as Caricel, has been given a chance to convince the government not to revoke its licences.
On April 10, the Government notified Symbiote that its licences had been yanked.
However, Symbiote wrote to Technology Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley urging him to reconsider the decision.
Under the law, the company has 14 days from the date of  notification during which to appeal the decision and provide evidence showing why the licences should not be revoked.
RJR News has learnt that the Technology Minister wrote to the company yesterday asking it to furnish the evidence immediately.
Earlier this month, Symbiote noted in a letter to Dr. Wheatley that the reason given for the revocation of  its licences is that it failed to provide requested information by December 1, 2017.
But the company claimed it had evidence its attorney had sent a written response to the Office of  Utilities Regulation.
It questioned whether Dr. Wheatley's failure to acknowledge the letter was an oversight.

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