Antigua vows to deport all foreign nationals convicted of a crime

The Antigua and Barbuda government has vowed to adopt a zero tolerance approach to foreigners engaged in criminal activity on the island.
Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the government will deport all foreign nationals convicted of a crime. 
He said some CARICOM nationals have been abusing the government's hospitality.
Mr. Browne indicated that within the last week, two persons, who were seen as national security threats, have been deported.
He said the government will be declaring at least four more people persona non-grata.
The announcement comes amidst efforts by an attorney to prevent the authorities from deporting a 32 year-old Jamaican, who has already indicated a willingness to take legal action against the Immigration Department.
Attorney Warren Cassell said his client, Damion Russell, was serving a two-year sentence for larceny, possession of firearm and possession of ammunition, when he was picked up by Immigration and deported last Friday.

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