Antiguan football coach, co-accused freed of drug charges

Attorney Bert Samuels
Derrick Edwards, head coach of the Antiguan national football team, was freed of drug trafficking charges on Thursday afternoon when he appeared the St. Andrew Parish Court.
The team's equipment manager, Danny Benjamin, who was jointly charged with him, was also freed.
Mr. Edwards and Mr. Benjamin were charged in March after ganja weighing four pounds was found in the team's luggage at the Norman Manley International Airport.
The seizure was made a day after the Antiguan team played a friendly match against the Reggae Boys.
Prosecutors withdrew the charges on Thursday after conceding that they did not have sufficient evidence to prove a case against the men.
They argued that video footage reviewed showed that other members of the team had access to the luggage.
Defence attorney Bert Samuels, told RJR News he was happy the law managed to serve an accused person - "something that doesn't happen very often," he noted. 

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