Appoint local university experts to probe "dead babies" issue at KPH, Opposition urges

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Opposition Spokesman on Health, has suggested using experts from Jamaica's universities to probe the improper disposal of dead babies at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

In a release on Tuesday, Dr. Campbell continued to insist that the appointment of Dr. Patrece Charles Freeman to lead the probe should not stand.

He has taken that position based on the fact that Dr. Charles Freeman is a member of the board of  the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA), which oversees the operations of  the KPH.

Dr. Campbell told RJR News that independent experts with “the specialised skills set” may be found at the local universities.

SERHA has stated that Dr. Charles Freeman will continue to lead the probe.

Despite the concerns of Dr. Campbell, SERHA’s Chairman, Phillip Armstrong, has declared that he does not believe there is a conflict of  interest.


Dr. Dayton Campbell has also chided Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton for what he describes as his silence on the issue of  the disposal of  the dead neonates.

Dr. Campbell, in his satement, characterised the minister's silence as one reflective of a disrespetful attitude towards Jamaicans and particularly patients of KPH.


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