Attorney at law takes on FLA in connection with "gun machine" in Manchester

John Junor, speaking with RJR News
The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is coming under heavy criticism from Attorney-at-Law John Junor, who represents the businessman whose property in Manchester was inspected on Tuesday as part of a probe by the entity into the discovery of a machine capable of manufacturing firearms.
Mr Junor has taken issue with the reason given by the FLA for the suspicion which caused it to start the investigation.
The FLA reported that the probe began after requests were made by eight individuals in Manchester last month for permits to purchase a high volume of ammunition. The owner of the Manchester property is one of the individuals.
Mr Junor is in strong disagreement that this was a reason to trigger the probe. He said that the men are members of a team that will be participating in shooting competitions, including an event this weekend in Florida.
He has vowed that the issue will go further and is promising to take full action on the matter.
"We're certainly going to be contacting the FLA to find out what is this all about, what is the evidence that brought this action into being; and if there is none there must of course be something that flows from it," he told RJR News.
He argued that the obvious presence of the police at the targeted business will have exposed the operator of that business to public disfavour.
"We intend to take full action in relation to this matter," he vowed.
Mr Junor is asserting that there was no standoff with the police during Tuesday's operation and no resistance to FLA personnel accessing the property.
He says there was a delay in the inspection process due to the wait for the arrival of legal representation.
Mr Junor also commented on the description being given of the equipment as a gun making machine. He explained that his client is a machinist who works for several industries which use heavy equipment and require parts.
The attorney also claimed that there are four similar machines in the country and the one owned by his client has not been used.

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