Audit of boats operating off Port Royal completed

Transport Minister Robert Montague has announced that the audit of marine vessels operating off  Port Royal has been completed.

Mr. Montague had asked the Maritime Authority of Jamaica to conduct the audit following last month's incident in which a boat carrying 13 persons capsized off the coast of  Port Royal.

Mr. Montague gave an update on the audit on Tuesday when he met with Deryck Decasseres, one of  the eleven survivors of  the mishap.

Mr. Decasseres's wife, Janelle, was one of two persons who died in the incident.

Mr. Montague and Mr. Decasseres discussed measures to minimize the chances of  another boating incident.

This includes the use of a flag system to indicate or warn when it is unsafe for small vessels to venture out.

The Transport Minister also indicated that the public should be made aware of  what the signs mean and what to look out for to ensure that marine vessels they use are certified when visiting the Cays.





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