Barnett Street lock-up closed by health department

It has been confirmed that the Barnett Street lock-up has been closed by the St. James Public Health Department.
The specific reason for the closure last month has not been revealed.
However, Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation Homer Davis told RJR News  that the issue was brought up at the Corporation's Public Health Committee on Wednesday, when it was revealed there were general health concerns at the lock-up.
"My firm belief and it is the belief of the St. James Municipal Corporation, that if the state is going to be holding persons on citizens- they should be held in an area that is fit for human habitation," Davis said. 
Last year, the Barnett Street lock-up housed detainees from the Freeport lock-up after the latter was also closed for health related concerns.
The Barnett Street lockup was also being used to house detainees under the State of Emergency.

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