Bartlett to meet with tourism stakeholders to address foreign hiring concerns

Edmund Bartlett
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett will meet with key tourism stakeholders as part of efforts to discuss concerns raised about entertainers hired by North Coast hotels.
This follows a video being circulated on social media in which some resorts were accused of being biased in their hiring practices, with preference for foreign entertainers. 
Mr. Bartlett said he will begin meeting with members of the Tourism Linkages Council as well as other stakeholders on Thursday. 
He said that the Tourism Ministry will also be looking closely at the demand for entertainers within the sector, the number of local entertainers, and challenges being faced among other things.
Discussions with the Tourism Linkages Council will also include transportation providers, craft entrepreneurs and the current island wide programme of sensitisation of workers regarding the new tourism workers' pension scheme that will come on stream later this year.
Minister Bartlett will also meet with Spanish hotel group Invotel on Thursday to discuss data collection to help inform the Tourism Demand Study and cooperation on a number of matters, including but not limited to local purchases of goods and services.
The Ministry of Tourism has also established a $1 billion revolving loan through the Tourism Enhancement Fund and the Exim Bank to assist with investment for micro and small Jamaican owned businesses to build capacity to create and compete. 

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