Beet armyworms again affecting Manchester farmers

Farmer Randell Bellanfante and Conrad Murray, President of the New Forrest Farmers and Water Users Association
After almost fully recovering from the devastion caused by the beet armyworm several months ago, escallion farmers in New Forrest, Manchester, are contending with another infestation of their fields by the pests.
Farmers are calling for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Ministry of Agriculture to urgently come to their assistance before the problem worsens.
RJR News visited the field of one affected farmer, Randell Bellanfante, on Wednesday. He said three and a half acres of his crop have been under threat from at least the last three weeks. 
He believes the worms are reappearing because of the cooler weather.
The New Forrest Farmers and Water Users Association has said the infestation is at a low level.
However, Conrad Murray, President of the Association, said the situation is still serious, as if left unchecked, the beet armyworm can wipe out a field in a matter of days.
He said farmers are doing their best to monitor and contain the infestation, however, he called on the authorities join in the control measures "to ensure that we don't have the outbreak that we had first."
Consumers have also been urged to brace themselves in the event prices increase due to the infestations. 

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