British Home Office confirms that 10 Windrush migrants wrongly deported have since died

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has revealed that, of the 83 Windrush migrants found to have been wrongly removed from the UK, 10 have since died.

The Home Office has made contact with 52, while they have been unable to contact a further 21.

More than one-in-five Windrush Scheme decisions have failed to be made within the Home Office's two-week target.

The Independent newspaper revealed last year that delays in the process had prevented some persons from traveling to the lands of their birth to attend important events such as funerals, and had heightened their anxiety.

So far, 2,453 people have been given documentation confirming their status.

The majority were from the Caribbean.

The Windrush scandal erupted last year when it was confirmed that thousands of people who had migrated to the UK from the Caribbean from the late 1940s to the early 1970s had been denied the rights of British citizenship and were in some instances wrongly deported.

The Windrush Generation takes its name from the ship Empire Windrush on which the first set of West Indian migrants traveled to the Britain in 1948 as part of the post war rebuilding effort.

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