Bullet fragments taken from body of deceased no match to guns of cops accused in latest 'death squad' trial

Prosecutors on Thursday admitted that bullet fragments taken from the body of Andrew Bisson did not match any of the firearms of the three policemen accused of his murder.
This was disclosed during arguments surrounding the ballistic report at the trial of Corporal Kevin Adams, Constable Carl Bucknor and District Constable Howard Brown.
The cops are accused of being part of a 'death squad'.
It was disclosed that four bullets were recovered from the shooting - two from the body of the deceased and two at the scene in Hayes, Clarendon.
But the ballistics report revealed that none of the bullets have been linked to the weapons of the policemen.
Prosecutors say the ballistic tests were not able to develop a match because the bullets were badly damaged.
A bullet was also found in the house under a rug, but it did not match any of the weapons fired by the policemen.
Two spent shells found in the house matched the weapons of Corporal Adams and Constable Brown.
Last week, prosecutors from the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) told the court that they are trying to locate two spent shell castings found in the house in which Mr. Bisson was killed.
Defence attorneys had requested that the exhibits be shown to them.
The government pathologist called by the prosecution on Thursday testified that Mr. Bisson sustained four bullet wounds - one to the left ear, another to the chest and two in the abdomen.
At the trial, prosecutors alleged that Mr. Bisson was killed execution style. 
They claimed that he was shot while on the ground.
In explaining his findings, the pathologist reported that the bullet wounds to the abdomen where inflicted while Mr. Bisson was lying on the ground.
He said Mr. Bisson was first shot in the chest while standing.
He said the bullet wound to the ear is consistent with Mr. Bisson bending or trying to run while lowering his body.
The pathologist is to be cross-examined on Friday by the defence.
Mr. Bisson was fatally shot on September 5, 2011 during a police operation in Hayes.
Prosecutors claimed Mr. Bisson was among a group of men detained at a garage during a police operation in Corn Piece, Clarendon.
He was reportedly taken from the group and shot in a nearby house.
However, the policemen contend that Mr. Bisson was fatally shot when he challenged them.
They reported that an illegal gun was taken from him.

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