Bunting adamant he will not contest PNP leadership challenge at a special delegates conference

Peter Bunting responding to questions on the Power 106 FM programme, 'Morning Agenda'
People's National Party (PNP) presidential aspirant Peter Bunting says a special delegates conference to select a new leader would breach party rules and he will not participate.
The PNP is to have discussion Monday whether a special delegates meeting can be held before the annual conference in September to settle the leadership challenge.
However, Mr. Bunting, who is challenging Dr. Peter Phillips, says this could cause a crisis within the party.
He is urging the party's secretariat not to have the presidential run-off before September. 
"I think if the secretariat, who has a responsibility to be impartial in this contest, I think if they facilitate that, they could very well precipitate a constitutional crisis with the PNP and I really hope they don't go down that track," he said.  
Mr. Bunting argued that any attempt to hold an early vote would put him at a disadvantage as he would not have enough time to meet with delegates.
While he acknowledged that the PNP can hold a special delegates conference at any time under the party's constitution, he argued that leadership challenges are always contested at the party's annual conference, which is scheduled for September.
Leadership challenge won't help PNP?
Mr. Bunting also responded to a prediction by political commentator Dr. Paul Ashley that a change in leadership will not save the PNP from being defeated in the next general election. 
He argued that if the party focuses on modernising and making itself electorally competitive; if members put aside "petty personal differences" for the greater good of the party, "and give that message of hope to the people of Jamaica, then I think this will achieve a unifying effort...and it will put us in a better position to transition straight into a general election campaign."

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