Bunting expects backing of more PNP delegates

Peter Bunting, speaking on TVJ's 'Smile Jamaica' on Wednesday
Manchester Central Member of Parliament Peter Bunting says he is expecting the backing of more People's National Party (PNP) delegates in coming days as he prepares to officially launch his campaign for president of the party.
Mr. Bunting says the campaign will be launched next month.
Speaking Wednesday on TVJ's Smile Jamaica programme, Mr. Bunting said, since his decision to challenge for the position, he has been surprised by the level of support. 
"You kind of feel a ground swell for change, you know, a rising tide in the party and in the country, quite frankly, that demanded a response," he revealed. 
Probed by Smile Jamaica host Empress Golding about his supporters, Mr. Bunting did not reveal much, but said "a number of persons have come out already" and there will be "a few more to come".
"I'm encouraged and surprised in many cases by some of the persons who are coming forward and saying, 'good decision, we're with you, we're backing you a hundred per cent'," he added. 
Opposition Spokesman on Justice Mark Golding was one of the first persons to publicly support Mr. Bunting's campaign. 
Mr. Bunting reiterated that he conducted polls instead of door to door analysis to aid his decision to put himself up for the leadership of the PNP.
He acknowledged that, based on similar past events, his decision to run for leadership could cause a rift within the party, however, he said he is prepared to handle that but the party must also confront the issue at the next annual conference.  

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