Bunting hopeful talks with Phillips will reunite PNP

Peter Bunting
Ahead of his meeting on Tuesday with People's National Party president Dr. Peter Phillips, defeated presidential challenger Peter Bunting has said he is hopeful the discussions will result in a reunited party.
Following the bruising presidential contest, the PNP's secretariat said the focus will be on closing the division.
Mr. Bunting outlined his expectations in a video post on his twitter page, noting that he hoped the party would "move forward, united together as a PNP that will provide an effective opposition to the government and present ourselves to the nation as a mature, desirable alternative to the JLP administration." 
Mr. Bunting said there is now an air of vibrancy in the party that must be maintained by the leadership of the PNP. 
"Many people, not just the ones who were reenergised, but those who came off the sidelines... or just traditional bystanders who were infected by the nature and conduct of our campaign; we need to keep them engaged, we need to keep them on board. We can't afford to go back to where we were," he said.    
Dr. Phillips released a media statement on Monday announcing his intention to meet with Mr. Bunting.
He did not give any information on the purpose of the meeting.

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