Bunting wants public/private partnership to build modern prison

The Government is again raising the prospect of Jamaica finally establishing modern prisons to replace the outmoded facilities that have been in use for centuries.

National Security Minister Peter Bunting, in his contribution to the Sectoral Debate on Wednesday, disclosed that two companies have expressed an interest in entering a public/private partnership with the Government to build a modern prison for adults.

"I am pleased that we are getting some interest from at least two reputable companies to enter into a public/private partnership with the government to build a modern correctional facility."

He acknowledged that "most of the existing facilities were never designed with rehabilitation as a priority, and further in some cases they are literally crumbling to pieces." Therefore, he said, "we must look at new facilities. Over the medium term we will need at least two new facilities for adult and juvenile, respectively."


Mr. Bunting alluded to plans to install additional closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in public spaces in order to detect criminal offences.

“We will be expanding the use of this facilities by both increasing the numbers of cameras in existing towns, and also to expand the surveillance to include areas of Spanish Town."

CCTV units have already been installed in Mandeville, May Pen, Montego Bay and Half-Way Tree.

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