Call snap election if Bunting wins PNP presidential race, Ashley urges JLP

Dr. Paul Ashley and Jaevion Nelson
Political commentator Dr. Paul Ashley believes Prime Minister Andrew Holness should consider calling a snap election if People's National Party presidential aspirant Peter Bunting wins the September 7 internal poll.
The next general election is constitutionally due in 2021.
Dr. Ashley argues that calling the election immediately after Mr. Bunting's victory, would give the Prime Minister an advantage at the polls.
"If Bunting wins then there will be indication from the polls that there is a momentum, he will attract increased funding, he will hone is ninja campaign skills, he will attract a number of young voters and, in fact, might take way some from the JLP, so you don't give him the opportunity to settle in; and not only that, remember you have serious wounds in the PNP if Bunting wins, so make use of the opportunity," he asserted Wednesday morning on Morning Agenda on Power 106. 
Dr. Ashley was cynical about the results of the One PNP poll which shows PNP President Dr. Peter Phillips in a statistical dead heat with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, alluding that that poll result was unreliable because, while Dr. Phillips is actively campaigning, Mr. Holness is not. 
Public affairs commentator Jaevion Nelson said he found some of  the poll questions from the One PNP camp complicated. 
"I think some of the people who were polled could have been a little bit confused, whether or not they were responding about the PNP or the leader of the People's National Party," he said.

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