Campbell concerned St. Ann's Bay hospital still without ICU

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Opposition Spokesman on Health
Dr. Dayton Campbell, Opposition Spokesman on Health, has raised concern that St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital is still without an intensive care unit (ICU).
Speaking in an interview with RJR News, Dr. Campbell said this is a major deficiency in the public health sector. 
"If you look on the northern coast of the island, if there were to be an accident or something for somebody that would necessitate them being in the intensive care unit, if they can't get up to KPH or UWI, they really would be in serious problems," he asserted. 
Dr. Campbell said the problem also highlights the need for more trained ICU and other specialist nurses to bridge the attrition rate. 
St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital is a Type B facility, which serves about 360,000 patients, primarily from St. Ann, St. Mary, Trelawny, Portland as well as Clarendon and Manchester.
There have been calls for the facility to be upgraded to a Type A hospital. 

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